Plastic is Gold

WWF Brasil, 2016

For the World Wildlife Foundation in Brasil I worked together with studio Brand-It-Forward to create the branding for their ‘Plastic is Gold’ project during the Olympics in 2015. Resulting in a infographic stopmotion animation, a few teasers and a poster.


They designed a concept for a recycling station, which was able to turn plastic waste into something valuable: a souvenir of the iconic statue Christ the Redeemer. The station was placed in the famous Tijuca National Park during the 2016 Olympics. Local people, living in big favelas at the boundaries of the park, could bring their plastic waste and learn about the value of it: plastic is gold.

Format: Animation, 1080p

Lenght: 02:36

Animation and sound: Scenes

Art diretion: Brand It Forward

See the project in action