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The Found Phone

Personal, 2017

For my graduation project at HKU I was doing research on internet privacy. During that period I found a phone while walking on the street, completely smashed with a broken screen. I was curious if it would still work. It didn’t power on, however I did find a SD card in it which I plugged into my computer.


What I found was a lot of sensitive video’s and images without ‘hacking’ into the phone, it symbolizes how we are constantly sharing our personal information with companies like Google and Facebook. The only difference now is that a random stranger got a hold on the personal life of a young boy who unknowingly gave all his data away.


I transformed a selection of his pictures into images that are recognizable but unidentifiable to reach the borders of privacy only to make a statement what could happen to your data.

Acquired data

Micro SD card

Data: 5.54 gb

Photos: 223

Videos: 92

Apps: 54

Sim card (with login code 0000)

Phone numbers/names: 88

Process of anonymising data