Morgen - Virtual Reality Film

Het Concertgebouw, 2018

I was commissioned to create something for the opening of Robeco Summernights at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. The goal was to create something inspired by classical music and the Concertgebouw's architecture. 

I chose a song composed by Richard Strauss called 'Morgen' and visualised my own interpretation on it.I captured the emotion of the song by visualising the vocals with

a cloud of moving spheres and combined this with imagery from nature.


During the exhibition the audience put on the Virtual Reality headset and they would leave the room where it was showcased in and enter a dreamy world from there.

Format: Monoscopic 360, 4K

Length: 05:42

Directed and produced by: Scenes

Music: Morgen - Richard Strauss

Exhibition at the Concertgebouw