De Locker - Bad Trip

NPO3Lab, Omroep Human, 2018

There are almost 2 million teens under the age of 20 in the Netherlands. Most of them spend their time daily on social media. But do they share their real story?

De Locker is a web series about stories of young teens that talk about what's on their mind, usually things that are often not talked about. 

This episode is about a Robin (20) who wanted to get away from her busy mind, that's why she started doing drugs. She talks about how she got into a bad trip one night which changed her way and opinion on drugs.

The episode aired on the public dutch television channel NPO3 and online on various social media platforms.

My role for this project was camera, edit (shared) and 3D animations.

Format: Film, Animation

Lenght: 05:42

Research & Director: Daylène Kroon

Edit: Luc Schraauwers and Daylène Kroon

Camera: Luc Schraauwers

Research, audio & color grading: Laurens Lenssen

Animation: Laetitia Roling, Daylène Kroon and Luc Schraauwers

Sounddesign: Luc Schraauwers and  Daylène Kroon

eye closeup.jpg

Behind the scenes