Cheap Thrills - Pedal To The Metal


During my study at HKU we had to team-up and pitch an idea for a music video for multiple artists. I worked together with Laurens Lenssen on a music-video pitch for the dutch band ‘Cheap Thrills’, we came up with the idea to create a grindhouse-style trailer inspired by the movie Mad Max and the work of Quintin Tarantino. We won the pitch and we could fulfil our idea for the music video!

A fake movie trailer about four woman in a post-apocalyptic world that find an object in an deserted building. But when they get spotted everyone wants a piece of it. Guns, swords and blood is all that remains in the end in this epic adventure.


I was responsible for the concept, editing, grading and sounddesign of the intro.

Format: Film 1080p

Lenght: 2:13

Client: Cheap Thrills, HKU

Director: Laurens Lenssen

Production: Loek Hennipman

Director of Photography: Ayla Spaans, Tom van Hunen

B-Roll footage: Luc Schraauwers

Edit: Luc Schraauwers

VFX: Eléni Hoogenbosch, Daylène Kroon

Art Direction: Daylène Kroon, Danja Putman

First AD: Eléni Hoogenbosch

Sounddesign: Luc Schraauwers

Overall Assistent: Remi van Herpen

Behind the scenes