Boris van der Ham - Mens durf te leven

Hamled, 2020

For Boris van der Ham's debut album I was commissioned to create a fully animated music video. It was something I haven't undertaken before, so it was quite the challenge! I have learned myself to draw frame for frame animations over the past few months and used this in combination with other techniques like 3D animation. The idea was to constantly be on the move through life and being pushed in multiple directions by people. Everyone always knows what's best for you, or at least have an opinion about it.

This film illustrates to follow your own way and chase your dreams.

The music video has gained over 100K views on youtube since its release. Watch it here.

Director: Luc Schraauwers

Animation: Luc Schraauwers

Zang: Boris van der Ham
Piano: Wim Veenhof
Band: Sander Gebroers

Producer: Boris van der Ham

Original lyrics and music (1917): Dirk Witte

Piano recording:  Hans Aalbers Recording, Nederhorst den Berg
Singing recording: Studio Digital Army, Utrecht
Mix and master - Sander Geboers  
Produced by: Sander Geboers en Boris van der Ham (Hamled)
Music released by: Meneer Dinges

Additional animation: Vincent Kierkels