Luc Schraauwers (1994) grew up in Utrecht and studied Image and Media Technology at HKU. There he experimented with different mediums, from video installations to virtual reality experiences. 


Interested in technology, Luc did research on online privacy for his final project at HKU. This resulted in two projects CCTV-PC, a virtual reality experience about big data and The Found Phone, anonymised photo portraits created from a phone he found while walking in his neighbourhood. Asking the question, who owns your data?


Since then Luc has been working as a freelance filmmaker and motion designer working together with brands, musicians and cultural institutions. He is always trying to expand his craft, not bound by just film or animation, but often combining the two to create unique films.


In 2018 his work ‘Morgen’ was shown at an exhibition during the opening of Robeco Summer Nights at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. Luc created a surreal virtual reality experience inspired by music from Richard Strauss, a modern take on classical music combined with new technology. 


For IDFA and Beeld en Geluid (Sound and Vision Institute), Luc created a short film as a promotion for the Dutch Documentary Award, this was shown every year since 2018 in the cinemas during IDFA documentary festival in Amsterdam. Watch it here.


Since 2020, Luc is part of filmmakers collective Hustle Creatives in Utrecht, working together on major projects while continuing to pursue freelance opportunities.



2013 – 2017

Image and Media Technology at HKU, Utrecht

2015 – 5 months

Intern at Scopic as a 3D artist and editor on virtual reality projects

2016 – 6 months

Animation at MOME University, Budapest

2014 – present

Founding of Scenes, working freelance

2020 – present

Working freelance at filmmakers collective Hustle Creatives

Selected clients

Het Nieuwe Instituut, Centraal Museum, WWF Brasil

Beeld en Geluid, Red Light Radio, NPO3Lab, IDFA

ABN AMRO, Rituals, Omroep Human, Travel Electric


2017 – CCTV-PC at Bring Your Own Beamer

2018 – Morgen at the Concertgebouw

2018 – Je Verdient Het  at Cargo in Context


Maestro Musicinterview VR film Morgen

Omroep Human - interview for De Locker



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