Luc Schraauwers (1994) is a multidisciplinary artist working with a variety of different mediums, such as film, 3d animation and virtual reality. His focus relies on exposing certain ‘scenes’ in a visual matter, he chooses the medium to work with based on the subject.

Luc grew up in Utrecht, The Netherlands and graduated from the University of the Arts (HKU) where he studied Image and Media Technology. This allowed him to explore different mediums and forms of storytelling.

For his graduation project he did research on online privacy in our increasingly digital lives. This resulted in multiple projects such as ‘the found phone’ and ‘CCTV-PC’, a 3D virtual reality installation.

He visualized how personal data is being collected, sold and abused. The goal of the projects was to make people aware of the dangers of losing your privacy and online identity.

In June 2018, he took part in an exhibition at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, where he created a virtual reality film inspired by classical music from Richard Strauss. 

He now works as a freelancer on a variety of projects both commercially and personal in film, animation and virtual reality.


2013 - 2017

Image and Media Technology at the University of the Arts (HKU), Utrecht, the Netherlands

2016 – 6 months

Exchange programme at Maholy Nagy University of the Arts in Budapest, Hungary

2015 - 5 months

Internship at Scopic, working as a 3D generalist and editor on virtual reality projects.

2014 - present

Founding of Scenes, working freelance for a variety of clients.


Rituals, Centraal Museum Utrecht, WWF Brasil, KPN, Unicef, IDFA, ING, Robeco, ABN AMRO, Miele, Sound and Vision Institute, NPO3Lab, Omroep Human, Red Light Radio


VR film Morgen, at the Concertgebouw, June 2018

VR film CCTV-PC at Bring Your Own Beamer, September 2017


Maestro Musicinterview VR film Morgen

Omroep Human - interview with creators of De Locker



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